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Abu Dhabi’s modern heritage: a testament to its rich history

Gardens, water tanks, and a bunch of ghaf trees tell a prosperous tale about the Emirates' history.

Gardens, water tanks, and a bunch of ghaf trees tell a prosperous tale about the Emirates’ history.

A Landmark Preservation Effort

This year marked a monumental step in the protection of Abu Dhabi’s cultural legacy. The Department of Culture and Tourism’s decisive action in July earmarked 64 structures and sites for urgent and unconditional preservation—an ambitious move to safeguard the emirate’s heritage.

The Modern Heritage Conservation Initiative

The initiative outlined by the department is a pivotal endeavor focused on the maintenance and restoration of these structures based on their respective grades. A significant clause prohibits any demolition applications, signifying a resolute commitment to their safeguarding.

A Civic Obligation

Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak, Chairman of DCT Abu Dhabi, underscored the collective civic duty in safeguarding this modern heritage. He emphasized its intrinsic value in etching the narrative of Abu Dhabi’s evolution—a bridge between its storied past and the aspirations that steer its future.

Guardianship of Legacy

Among the noteworthy structures included in this initiative are the old Adnoc headquarters, the Central Bank, the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce, and the city’s primary bus terminal. Each of these edifices holds significant historical resonance, encapsulating Abu Dhabi’s architectural and urban identity.

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