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Abu Dhabi’s innovative beach ramps overjoy people with disabilities

Remote-controlled ramps built at some beaches let users reach the waters without help.

Remote-controlled ramps built at some beaches let users reach the waters without help.

Championing Inclusivity

An innovative initiative aimed at enhancing beach accessibility in Abu Dhabi for individuals with disabilities is earning acclaim for its commitment to inclusivity. 

The introduction of remote-controlled ramps, designed to empower those with mobility challenges, is set to revolutionize the beach experience for such individuals in the capital.

Revolutionary Technology

Developed by Greek company Seatrac, these solar-powered tracks feature a fixed chair, allowing users with mobility impairments to navigate from the sandy shores into the sea independently. 

The ramps are equipped with a remote control system, enabling beach-goers to maneuver the chair along the rails, providing them the freedom to lower themselves into the sea and ascend back into the chair at their convenience.

Operational Beaches

This high-tech assistive device has already been successfully deployed at Corniche Sahil Beach, Corniche Public Beach, Al Bateen Public Beach, and Al Bateen Ladies’ Beach. 

These installations mark a significant step toward fostering inclusivity and equal access to recreational opportunities for all individuals.

Future Expansion

The initiative’s success has prompted plans for further expansion. 

The upcoming installation of these ramps at Corniche Family Beach and subsequent implementation at Al Bahr Public Beach next month signify the commitment to extend these inclusive facilities across more public beachfronts in Abu Dhabi.

This forward-thinking project stands as a beacon of progress, striving to create a more inclusive and accessible environment, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the beauty of Abu Dhabi’s beaches and seas without limitations.

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