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Abu Dhabi’s Iconic Corniche Hospital to Be Replaced by State-of-the-Art Medical Center

Abu Dhabi's Iconic Corniche Hospital to Be Replaced by State-of-the-Art Medical Center

Corniche Hospital, a cornerstone of maternity care in the capital, will undergo a transformation, making way for a cutting-edge medical center focusing on women and children. The new facility aims to set global standards in healthcare.

The current Corniche Hospital, synonymous with generations of women in Abu Dhabi, will be replaced by a seven-floor state-of-the-art hospital, triple the size of the existing structure. This expansion reflects the commitment to enhancing healthcare services in the region.

Scheduled for completion in 2027, the new medical center will boast 215 patient rooms, 20 labor and delivery rooms, and a neonatal intensive care unit with 90 cots. The architecture, inspired by the UAE’s cultural heritage and the iconic Burj Khalifa, promises a blend of tradition and innovation.

Dr. Paul Bosio, Chief Medical Officer at Corniche Hospital, expressed his vision for the new facility, emphasizing its commitment to patient-centric care. Each room will offer luxurious privacy, with mothers having the option to stay with their newborns in the NICU, fostering early bonding and enhancing the care experience.

Moreover, the hospital will feature a foetal medicine unit equipped for advanced in-utero surgeries, aiming to provide specialized care for high-risk pregnancies. This initiative underscores the hospital’s dedication to innovation and excellence in maternal and neonatal care.

Collaboration with Sheikh Khalifa Medical City will further bolster the hospital’s capabilities, facilitating comprehensive care for patients. Dr. Bosio highlighted the hospital’s aspiration to be recognized as the best globally, building upon its existing reputation as the leading provider of maternity care in Abu Dhabi.

The transformation of Corniche Hospital into a state-of-the-art medical center signifies a significant milestone in Abu Dhabi’s healthcare landscape, promising world-class facilities and services for women and children.

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