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Abu Dhabi’s Hindu temple to be inaugurated by Narendra Modi

The dedication ritual will be held on February 14 before the public opening days thereafter.

The dedication ritual will be held on February 14 before the public opening days thereafter.

Inauguration Details

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to inaugurate Abu Dhabi’s monumental Hindu temple in a momentous ceremony. 

The Baps Swaminarayan Sanstha, responsible for constructing the temple, announced that Mr. Modi will attend a dedication ceremony on February 14, following the consecration of seven deities in morning prayers.

Opening to the Public

Situated in Abu Dhabi’s Abu Mureikha area, just off the main motorway connecting Dubai and the capital, the UAE’s inaugural traditional hand-carved Hindu temple will officially open its doors to the public on February 18.

Progress and Features

Despite ongoing construction, the temple’s stunning features are becoming increasingly evident. Crafted from pink sandstone and white marble, the site boasts impressive sculptures, soaring pinnacles, delicate marble arches, and intricate carvings, visible through the scaffolding.

Final Stages of Completion

The temple’s interior work is set to be completed by the end of the month, marking the removal of the covering from the intricate carvings. 

Pranav Desai, the project director, expressed immense pride in witnessing the culmination of the project, stating that the final phase is nearing completion.

Mr. Modi’s Involvement

The project was initiated by Mr. Modi in 2018, unveiling the first model featuring a monument adorned with seven spires, symbolizing the Emirates.

The imminent inauguration of this grand Hindu temple in the UAE stands as a testament to cultural harmony and marks a significant milestone in strengthening the ties between India and the Emirates.

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