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Abu Dhabi’s Development Drive: 144 Infrastructure Projects Worth $18 Billion Approved

Abu Dhabi's Development Drive: 144 Infrastructure Projects Worth $18 Billion Approved

Abu Dhabi is gearing up for a significant transformation with the approval of 144 infrastructure projects across the emirate, boasting a staggering budget of Dh66 billion ($17.97 billion). The ambitious initiative spans critical sectors such as housing, education, tourism, and natural resources, marking a significant step towards the emirate’s sustainable development goals.

The Abu Dhabi Projects and Infrastructure Centre (Adpic) revealed that over Dh59 billion is earmarked for housing and public facilities, paving the way for the construction of nearly 13,000 new homes across Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Dhafra regions. These residential communities will not only address the pressing demand for housing but also feature essential amenities like mosques, community centers, and retail outlets, enhancing residents’ quality of life.

Moreover, the infrastructure blueprint includes provisions for green spaces, parks, playgrounds, and cycle tracks, promoting a healthier lifestyle and fostering community engagement. With a commitment of Dh4 billion towards education and human capital projects, Abu Dhabi aims to bolster its educational infrastructure, ensuring access to quality education and workforce development opportunities for its residents.

In line with its vision to become a global tourism hub, Abu Dhabi has allocated over Dh1.1 billion for tourism developments, focusing on preserving Emirati heritage and creating cultural landmarks. Additionally, natural resource projects, including aquaculture farms, have received Dh50 million in funding, emphasizing the emirate’s commitment to sustainable environmental practices.

Maysarah Eid, the acting director general of Adpic, emphasized that these initiatives are strategically designed to manage Abu Dhabi’s expansion effectively while prioritizing sustainable development and enhancing overall quality of life.

Abu Dhabi’s proactive approach to attracting international investors and fostering competitiveness underscores its commitment to economic diversification. With non-oil GDP expanding and the overall economy growing steadily, the emirate is poised for continued prosperity across various sectors.

Established in September, Adpic plays a pivotal role in overseeing capital projects, ensuring their timely execution, and facilitating collaboration between government entities and developers to realize Abu Dhabi’s ambitious development goals.

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