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Abu Dhabi’s commitment to early childhood development: a Dh12 million investment

Early Childhood Authority seeks to foster research participation across the emirate.

Early Childhood Authority seeks to foster research participation across the emirate.


Over the past three years, Abu Dhabi has demonstrated its dedication to early childhood development, allocating more than Dh12 million to fund 18 projects through the Early Childhood Authority (ECA). 

These projects delve into critical topics such as the role of fathers in child development, atypical language development in Emirati children, and causes of absenteeism in schools.

ECA’s Impactful Projects:

The Early Childhood Authority has been at the forefront of advancing knowledge and understanding in crucial areas related to early childhood. By financing 18 projects, it has contributed significantly to research on topics that directly impact the well-being and development of young children.

Awareness Campaign for Research Culture:

Recognizing the importance of fostering a thriving research culture, the ECA launched an awareness campaign in September. This campaign aimed to promote a robust ecosystem for research and included community events in key locations such as Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Dhafra.

Community Engagement at Key Venues:

The awareness campaign unfolded through community events hosted at prominent venues, including Yas Mall, Khalifa Park Library, and Umm Al Emarat Park. 

These events were designed to provide parents with valuable insights into the ECA’s pivotal work, fostering a deeper understanding of early childhood development.

Encouraging Diversity in Research:

Central to the ongoing initiative is the goal of attracting individuals from diverse backgrounds to engage in research related to early childhood development. 

The initiative recognizes that a broad spectrum of perspectives and expertise is essential to comprehensively address the multifaceted aspects of the developmental years spanning birth to eight years old.

Looking Forward:

As Abu Dhabi’s commitment to early childhood development continues, the ongoing initiative not only aims to advance knowledge but also seeks to create a collaborative and inclusive approach to research. The Dh12 million investment reflects the emirate’s dedication to ensuring the well-being and optimal development of its youngest residents.


Abu Dhabi’s investment in early childhood projects, coupled with the awareness campaign initiated by the Early Childhood Authority, underscores the emirate’s commitment to shaping a positive and research-driven environment for the holistic development of children. This concerted effort sets a precedent for prioritizing early childhood development on a regional scale.

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