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Abu Dhabi’s $17.7bn budget emphasizes culture and heritage preservation

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince agrees to a $17.7 billion budget for 142 capital projects in the emirate.

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince agrees to a $17.7 billion budget for 142 capital projects in the emirate.

Crown Prince’s Approval and Strategic Focus

Under the guidance of Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Chairman of Abu Dhabi Executive Council, a substantial budget of over AED65 billion ($17.7 billion) has been approved. 

This budget allocation is dedicated to launching new capital projects and executing directives aimed at advancing the Emirati culture and heritage ecosystem within Abu Dhabi.

Investment in Cultural Preservation

The approved spending plan underscores a strategic commitment to preserving and promoting Emirati culture and heritage. 

The directives given by the Crown Prince signal a significant emphasis on initiatives aimed at safeguarding the rich cultural legacy of Abu Dhabi.

Fostering Cultural Ecosystem

With this substantial budget, Abu Dhabi aims to cultivate an environment conducive to the development and sustainability of Emirati cultural traditions. The allocation reflects a dedication to nurturing and elevating the diverse cultural heritage that defines the region.

Forward-looking Investment

By prioritizing cultural preservation within the budget, Abu Dhabi displays a forward-thinking approach that underscores the importance of preserving, promoting, and advancing the unique identity and heritage of the Emirati people. 

This investment is poised to further strengthen Abu Dhabi’s cultural landscape and contribute to its identity on the global stage.

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