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Abu Dhabi Welcomes UAE’s First Microbrewery by Side Hustle Craft

Craft by Side Hustle is preparing to open Abu Dhabi's first microbrewery and gastropub at Galleria Al Maryah Island during holiday season.

In a significant development for beer enthusiasts in the UAE, Craft by Side Hustle is gearing up to unveil Abu Dhabi’s inaugural microbrewery and gastropub at Galleria Al Maryah Island this festive December.

Side Hustle, recognized as the UAE’s premier craft alcohol brand, has long been available in liquor stores, making waves as a symbol of innovation and quality in the local alcohol market.

Setting the Stage for Unique Brewing Experiences:

Chad McGehee, co-founder of Side Hustle Brews and Spirits, expressed his excitement: “As founders of the local craft movement, we acknowledge the responsibility presented to us and are both humbled and thrilled to open Abu Dhabi’s first craft microbrewery.”

For the first time, beer fans in the UAE will have the opportunity to savor beverages produced on-site, marking a historic shift in the country’s alcohol landscape. 

This development aligns with the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi’s 2021 guidelines, which introduced a ‘Fermentation Permit’ for on-site alcoholic beverage production.

The Promise of Diversity – UAE’s First British Real Cask Ale:

Craft by Side Hustle is set to diversify the beer scene with offerings, including the UAE’s first authentic British real cask ale. 

The brewery’s commitment to pushing flavor boundaries is evident in its ambitious goal of creating 75 unique beers within the first 12 months at Craft.

In addition to a diverse beer selection, Craft promises a culinary experience like no other. The menu boasts in-house brewed hops, grains, and cocktails paired with a southern smokehouse and pub cuisine. 

The open kitchen and brewery provide patrons with a firsthand view of the skilled team, adding an interactive element to the overall experience.

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