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Abu Dhabi Unifies Public Bus Fare Structure for City and Suburbs

The transport administration in Abu Dhabi has adopted a single fare structure for all public buses in the emirate.

Abu Dhabi’s transport authority has announced a unified fare structure for all public buses across the emirate, setting the basic fare at Dh2 plus five fils per kilometer, capped at Dh5, according to the Integrated Transport Centre (ITC).

Fare Simplification and Multi-Bus Journeys:

The new system eliminates the need for passengers taking multiple buses to pay the Dh2 base fare multiple times when traveling between the city and suburban areas, facilitating more cost-effective journeys, as explained by the ITC.

Payment Method and Calculation:

Passengers using the ‘Hafalat’ smart card will settle the fare at the trip’s conclusion. The fare calculation starts from the boarding point to the final drop-off, ensuring a convenient payment process, as stated by the ITC.

Conditions for Bus Changes:

However, the provision for ‘free change of buses’ comes with specific conditions:

  • Change of buses should occur within a reasonable time frame.
  • The maximum number of bus changes allowed is two, enabling a journey to be completed with a maximum of three buses.
  • Changes in the opposite direction of the intended itinerary are not permitted, ensuring a smooth travel experience.
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