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Abu Dhabi Streamlines Bus Fares to Boost Public Transport Usage

Abu Dhabi Streamlines Bus Fares to Boost Public Transport Usage

Abu Dhabi’s Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) has unveiled a unified bus transportation system aimed at encouraging residents to utilize public transport more frequently. Effective today, February 28, updated permits will be available, featuring a simplified tariff structure with a base fare of Dh2 and an additional five fils per kilometer.

The initiative aims to expand the geographical coverage of bus services while offering a more straightforward and user-friendly fare system. By unifying services and updating permits, the ITC seeks to meet the growing demand for public transportation, enhance integration between routes, and provide more efficient services across the emirate.

Under the updated system, permits will be issued for seven or 30 days, priced at Dh35 and Dh95, respectively, with sales activation starting today.

Passengers can now switch between buses within a 60-minute timeframe without incurring additional fees, provided they do not reverse their trip route and limit transfers to a maximum of three buses. Special provisions apply for limited-income national families benefiting from social support programs, offering subsidized public transportation permits.

Key unchanged features include free annual permits for the elderly and people of determination, a Dh500 annual permit for students, and free transportation for children under 10. The move comes as part of Abu Dhabi’s ongoing efforts to promote sustainable and efficient public transportation, with over 83 million passenger trips recorded in 2023.

The ITC emphasizes the modernization of its bus fleet, totaling 825 vehicles, equipped with advanced specifications for enhanced fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability. This initiative underscores Abu Dhabi’s commitment to providing accessible and eco-friendly transportation solutions for its residents and visitors alike.

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