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Abu Dhabi Resident Wins 24-Karat Gold Bar in Big Ticket’s Daily E-Draw

Ereen Attia, an Egyptian expat living in Abu Dhabi, struck gold—literally—when she won a 24-karat gold bar in Big Ticket's daily e-draw.

Ereen Attia, an Egyptian expat based in Abu Dhabi, struck gold—literally—by winning a 24-karat gold bar in the daily e-draw of Big Ticket. 

Attia, an architect and mother of three, decided to try her luck after seeing an interview with previous winners. 

Surprisingly, she received the call about her win the day after purchasing her first ticket on October 4.

Fair Game and Encouraging Words:

Attia expressed gratitude to Big Ticket, emphasizing the fairness of the game. She encouraged others to try their luck, noting that winning is possible. 

Her unexpected success highlights the allure of the longest-running raffle draw for cash rewards and luxury cars in the GCC.

Throughout the month, ticket purchasers for the upcoming live draw stand a chance to win a guaranteed Dh15 million on December 3. 

Additionally, participants are automatically entered into a daily electronic draw, offering the opportunity to win a 24-karat gold bar every day.

Diverse Winners from India and Bangladesh:

Other fortunate winners in this week’s e-draw include Bappa Dey from Bangladesh, Muhammed Anwar KP from India, and Naveen Vengali Raveendran from Kerala. 

Dey, a supervisor in Dubai, plans to sell the gold and support his family in Bangladesh. Anwar, a driver from Kerala, intends to use his winnings to address a bank loan. 

Raveendran, living in Dubai for 15 years, plans to build a house in his home country with his share of the prize money.

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