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Abu Dhabi Private School Turns Pink to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

A private school in Abu Dhabi turned a vivid pink as part of a day-long effort to encourage breast cancer awareness.

An Abu Dhabi-based private school took on a vibrant hue of pink as it organized a day-long campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer.

 The initiative was orchestrated during a parent-teacher meeting at the Abu Dhabi Indian School, where students actively emphasized the importance of early screening and detection for one of the most prevalent cancers among women worldwide.

Students Go the Extra Mile for Awareness:

During this special campaign marking World Breast Cancer Awareness Month, students at the Abu Dhabi Indian School went above and beyond to encourage parents to avail of the free screenings offered by Burjeel Holdings’ mammogram truck. 

Their efforts included performing skits and creatively visiting classrooms on roller skates while holding banners.

A Unified Show of Support in Pink:

The school community displayed a united front by dressing in pink, symbolizing their support for breast cancer awareness. 

Principal Neeraj Bhargava noted, “It was heartwarming to see children perform skits to spread the word, and some go on skates around the corridors with banners urging parents to undergo screenings.”

Emphasizing Inclusivity in Screenings:

Bhargava emphasized the importance of inclusivity in screenings, noting that men can also be affected by breast cancer. 

The campaign encouraged women and men to use the mammogram truck’s services.

Breast Cancer Prevalence in the UAE:

Breast cancer is a prevailing form of cancer in the UAE, making initiatives like this crucial for early detection and prevention. 

The indications and symptoms of breast cancer include the presence of a breast lump or thickening, changes in breast size, shape, or appearance, and abnormal nipple discharge.

The Role of Regular Screenings:

Dr. Nyla Khan, a consultant breast radiologist at Burjeel Medical City, stressed the importance of regular screenings. 

Early detection is a key factor in the successful therapy of breast cancer, and mammograms play a vital role in identifying abnormalities in breast tissue before they become life-threatening.

Community Vigilance and Proactivity:

Several risk factors, including age, genetic mutations, family history, obesity, and lifestyle choices influence breast cancer. 

Hence, community members, especially women of all ages, are urged to remain vigilant and proactive in maintaining their breast health.

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