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Abu Dhabi Police Warn Against Begging During Ramadan: Face-to-Face or Online

Abu Dhabi Police Warn Against Begging During Ramadan: Face-to-Face or Online

Abu Dhabi Police have issued a stern warning against all forms of begging, whether in-person or online, during the holy month of Ramadan. With the rise of electronic begging on social media platforms, authorities urge residents and visitors to remain vigilant and avoid falling prey to schemes aimed at soliciting money or assistance.

The police caution that beggars have been exploiting social media as a lucrative avenue for seeking donations, often fabricating stories to elicit sympathy and financial support. These online tactics, which include soliciting money via text messages and sharing misleading humanitarian pleas, pose a significant concern, especially during Ramadan when people are more inclined to give.

To combat this growing trend, Abu Dhabi Police emphasize the importance of community cooperation in confronting all forms of begging, whether encountered on the streets or encountered online. They urge individuals not to send money to unknown persons and to report any suspicious online begging activity.

The warning comes as part of the police force’s Ramadan campaign, “Our Month: Obedience and Commitment,” aimed at fostering a safe and secure environment during the holy month. Additionally, the UAE has strict laws in place to deter begging, with penalties including fines and imprisonment for those caught engaging in such activities.

Authorities stress that exploiting children in begging is a serious crime punishable by law, and they urge the public to be vigilant and report any instances of child exploitation or organized begging.

As Ramadan approaches, Abu Dhabi Police are urging everyone to remain cautious and vigilant, reminding the community to channel their generosity through authorized channels to support those in need effectively. By working together, residents and visitors can help eliminate the scourge of begging and uphold the spirit of giving in a responsible and lawful manner.

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