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Abu Dhabi Police Issues Traffic Guidelines for National Day Celebrations

To guarantee the safety of vehicles and pedestrians during the festivities, the Abu Dhabi Police have released critical traffic recommendations.

As the UAE gears up for the 52nd National Day celebrations, the Abu Dhabi Police have issued crucial traffic guidelines to ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians during the festivities.

10 Safety Tips for Motorists:

The authorities have outlined 10 tips for motorists to promote safe celebrations, emphasizing responsible behavior and adherence to traffic regulations.

  1. Vehicle Decorations: Decorations must not alter the vehicle’s colors, and overloading should be avoided.
  2. Offensive Phrases and Stickers: Writing offensive phrases or placing inappropriate vehicle stickers is strictly prohibited.
  3. License Plates: Front and back license plates must remain visible and not be obscured or covered.
  4. Prohibition of Sprays: The use of sprays by motorists, passengers, or pedestrians is strictly prohibited.
  5. Reckless Driving and Stunts: Reckless driving and performing stunts are completely prohibited.
  6. Rallies: Organizing rallies is strictly prohibited, and motorists must not plug traffic or block others’ way.
  7. Window Covering: Covering side windows and front or rear windshields with stickers or front sunshades is illegal.
  8. Passenger Safety: Passengers must be safely seated within the vehicle and not on the trunk of a pickup truck or atop a car.
  9. Speed Reduction: Reduce speeds near pedestrian crossings and exercise caution near parks and tourist spots.
  10. Motorcycle Safety: Motorcycle users are advised to wear helmets protective clothing, and ensure bike safety, including headlights and tires.

Penalties for Violations:

The Abu Dhabi Police have emphasized the consequences of violating traffic rules during the National Day celebrations:

  • Reckless Driving: A fine of Dh2,000, 23 black points, and vehicle impoundment for 60 days.
  • Throwing Waste: A Dh1,000 fine and 6 black points for throwing waste from vehicles while driving.

Advisory Against Unsafe Practices:

The police strongly advise against passengers getting out of windows or sunroofs, using sprays on pedestrians, or throwing waste while driving. These unsafe practices can lead to fines and penalties, ensuring a safer celebration for everyone.

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