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Abu Dhabi Police Issue Warning to Motorists: Follow Traffic Rules


Abu Dhabi Police have issued a stern reminder and warning to motorists, urging them to prioritize road safety by adhering to traffic rules and regulations.

Avoid Disturbing Vehicles and Maintain Safe Driving Practices:

In particular, the police authority has emphasized the importance of responsible highway behavior. 

Motorists are urged to avoid disturbing other vehicles on highways by maintaining a safe following distance, refraining from unnecessary honking, and using high beams that can distract and potentially cause accidents.

Encouraging Proper Lane Usage:

Motorists are reminded that driving at slow speeds should be done in the right lane to ensure the safety of all road users. 

Failure to yield to vehicles with the right of way or blocking the left overtaking lane can result in fines of Dh400.

A Crucial Factor in Preventing Accidents:

Insufficient space between vehicles is identified as one of the primary contributors to traffic accidents. In Abu Dhabi, violating this safety measure can result in the impoundment of your vehicle, accompanied by a hefty fee of Dh5,000. 

The impounded vehicle will be retained until the fee is paid, with a maximum grace period of three months. After this period, the vehicle may be auctioned off. Additionally, this violation incurs a fine of Dh400 and adds 4 black points to the driver’s record.

Abu Dhabi Police’s warning underscores the critical importance of responsible and safe driving practices. 

Motorists are urged to prioritize safety on the road by adhering to traffic rules, maintaining proper lane discipline, and ensuring sufficient distance between vehicles to prevent accidents.

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