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Abu Dhabi Police Issue Warning After Serious Highway Collision

Following a serious incident on a busy highway caused by a driver's abrupt lane change, Abu Dhabi Police issued a warning.

Abu Dhabi Police have issued a warning following a serious collision on a busy highway caused by a driver’s abrupt lane change. 

The incident, captured on video, shows an orange SUV changing lanes at the last minute, exiting a major road, and then veering sharply on a diverging road, resulting in a collision with a pickup truck.

Dangers of Sudden Deviation Emphasized:

The Abu Dhabi Police emphasized the dangers of sudden deviation and reckless overtaking, highlighting the need for drivers to exercise caution and ensure the road is clear before changing lanes. 

The video is a stark reminder of the potential consequences of irresponsible driving behaviors.

Violations and Penalties:

The footage reveals multiple traffic violations, including abrupt lane changes, bypassing restricted lines, and the subsequent collision. 

The Abu Dhabi Police reiterated that such actions are serious traffic offenses. 

Sudden deviation carries a penalty of Dh1,000 and four black points, while wrong overtaking incurs fines starting at Dh600 and can go up to Dh1,000, depending on the severity of the offense.

Safety Reminders for Drivers:

The police urged drivers to adhere to road safety guidelines, emphasizing the importance of using the correct lanes and avoiding reckless maneuvers. 

The warning underscores the need for responsible driving practices to confirm the safety of all road users.

Legal Consequences and Preventive Measures:

The incident serves as a reminder of the legal consequences of traffic violations and the potential risks of irresponsible driving. 

Drivers are encouraged to exercise patience, adhere to traffic rules, and prioritize road safety to prevent accidents and protect lives.

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