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Abu Dhabi Police Issue Alert Following Accident on Al Ain Road

The Abu Dhabi Police Department has issued a traffic advisory on a critical route within the emirate.

The Abu Dhabi Police recently warned residents about a traffic incident on a crucial route within the emirate.

The accident occurred on Al Ain Road outward, specifically after Al Faya Bridge, resulting in a significant disruption for vehicles navigating through the affected area.

Official Communication:

In a statement released through X, the authoritative source communicated the presence of an obstruction, urging commuters to exercise caution when traveling through the affected stretch of road.

Cautionary Advice for Motorists:

Motorists have been advised to anticipate delays and exercise heightened vigilance while driving through the area. 

The Abu Dhabi Police emphasized the importance of adhering to traffic regulations and driving safely to mitigate potential risks.

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