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Abu Dhabi Police Conducts Readiness Exercise in Al Nahyan

Residents in Abu Dhabi have been notified of an upcoming exercise set for this evening by Abu Dhabi Police.

Abu Dhabi Police have issued a notice to residents, notifying them of an upcoming exercise scheduled for this evening. 

The police authority aims to conduct this exercise in the Al Nahyan area of Abu Dhabi with the primary goal of assessing readiness and improving response capabilities.

Enhancing Response Preparedness:

The exercise is designed to measure the readiness of local authorities and emergency services, ensuring they are well-prepared to handle various scenarios and maintain the safety and security of residents.

Request for Public Cooperation:

In the interest of public safety, Abu Dhabi Police are urging residents to avoid the exercise area during the designated time. 

Furthermore, residents are requested not to take photographs or engage in activities that may interfere with the exercise or compromise its effectiveness.

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