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Abu Dhabi Police Caution Parents About Risks of Violent Online Games

The Abu Dhabi Police Department issued a warning to parents about the negative effects of violent video games.

The Abu Dhabi Police gave a warning to parents regarding the adverse impacts associated with violent electronic games, citing concerns such as addiction, isolation, and detachment from reality as significant effects of these games.

Vigilance and Supervision Advocated:

Emphasizing the need for parental oversight, officials urged parents and guardians to vigorously monitor their children’s activities on smart devices, particularly regarding gaming and electronic applications.

The police authority called upon parents to proactively engage with their children, intervening in their choice of games and e-applications, fostering a healthier digital environment.

Safeguarding Online Presence:

To safeguard children’s online experiences, the Abu Dhabi Police recommended parents track their children’s online engagements. 

Additionally, they encouraged children to report instances of bullying or blackmail, promoting a safer online community.

Reporting and Support Channels:

The Abu Dhabi Police extended support avenues for families, urging them to report concerning incidents through various channels, including the Aman Service hotline (8002626), text messages (2828), email (, or through the smart application provided by the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police.

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