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Abu Dhabi Police Announces Speed Limit Reduction on Many Streets

The Abu Dhabi Police Department has proposed a new speed limit for a major road in the emirate, which will go into effect on November 1, 2023.

The Abu Dhabi Police have presented a new speed limit on a major road in the emirate, set to take effect from November 1, 2023. The move aims to enhance traffic safety in the region.

Reduced Speed Limit on Khalid Bin Sultan Street:

The new speed limit will be applied to Khalid Bin Sultan Street, located in the Al Ain region of Abu Dhabi. 

The revised speed limit for this road will be set at 80 km/h.

The speed limit change will apply to the section of Khalid Bin Sultan Street that extends between Al Ghail Roundabout and Al Sarooj Roundabout, covering both directions of the road.

Goals of the Speed Limit Adjustment:

The primary goal of this speed limit reduction is to enhance traffic safety and facilitate smoother traffic flow on this road. 

By lowering the speed limit, authorities aim to reduce the chance of accidents and improve overall road safety.

Adherence to Safety Measures:

All motorists are strongly advised to comply with the new speed limit and to strictly follow road safety instructions. 

This change in speed limit is a proactive measure to provide the safety of all road users and to create a safer environment on Khalid Bin Sultan Street.

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