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Abu Dhabi Police Alert Public to Rising Fraudulent Schemes

The Abu Dhabi Police Department issued a warning about the increased use of sophisticated methods by fraudsters and swindlers.

Abu Dhabi Police warned about the increasing use of sophisticated methods by fraudsters and swindlers, employing deceptive strategies such as fraudulent calls, misleading links, and fake electronic websites mimicking government institutions. 

These tactics aim to extract sensitive information and deceive individuals, posing a significant threat to the community.

Online Shopping Deception:

The public was cautioned about fraudulent online advertisements offering pets for sale or adoption, where victims are coerced into covering shipping and insurance expenses. 

These deceptive ads lead to fund transfers into accounts designed for theft and fraud.

Job seekers were advised to remain vigilant against “fake employment” schemes. 

Scammers create convincing yet fraudulent online company profiles, posing as legitimate recruitment firms, and extract money from applicants under the pretense of employment fees.

Protection of Confidential Information:

Abu Dhabi Police emphasized the importance of safeguarding confidential information, advising against sharing account details, online banking passwords, ATM PINs, CCV security numbers, or passwords. Legitimate bank employees do not request such sensitive data.

Individuals were urged to report anonymous calls requesting banking details to combat these fraudulent activities. Reports can be made to the Aman Service at No. 8002626 or via text message to 2828. 

Additionally, the police recommended activating protection programs to shield against harmful websites compromising individuals’ savings.

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