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Abu Dhabi Municipality Enforces Rules for Outdoor Seating at Eateries

As the warm weather arrives, Abu Dhabi restaurant and cafe owners are reminded of the outdoor dining area requirements.

As the pleasant weather arrives, restaurant and cafe owners in Abu Dhabi are reminded of the outdoor seating area regulations. 

Violators of these laws can face fines of up to Dh5,000, enforced by the Abu Dhabi City Municipality.

Permits and Guidelines:

Permits are required to set up temporary outdoor seating areas near commercial establishments, including eateries, cafes, and shops. 

The municipality has rolled out an awareness campaign to ensure compliance. Business owners must also pay fees and adhere to operational procedures to maintain cleanliness.

Permit Application Process:

The municipality has outlined specific requirements for obtaining permits for outdoor seating areas:

  • Business owners can submit permit requests through the TAMM platform, provided they have the building owner’s consent and a valid lease agreement of at least six months.
  • The City Municipality Centre will evaluate the proposed outdoor seating dimensions and determine the relevant fees.
  • The permit fee is estimated based on the required space and includes a refundable deposit of Dh10,000.
  • Issued permits are valid for one year, with the option of renewal.
  • The municipality reserves the right to revoke the permit if the terms are violated or urban development necessitates it, with no liability for potential losses to the permit holder.
  • A detailed layout plan specifying the arrangement of tables, chairs, and shading devices must be submitted in compliance with established guidelines.

Penalties for Violations:

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has set fines for violations of these regulations:

  • The unauthorized establishment of an outdoor seating area incurs a fine of Dh5,000.
  • Violation of permit conditions results in a penalty of Dh3,000.

Awareness Campaign:

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality, in cooperation with the City Municipality Centre, has initiated a campaign to raise public awareness and understanding of the rules governing the setup of temporary outdoor seating areas.

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