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Abu Dhabi Launches 24/7 Green Bus Service to Dubai

In an innovative step, Abu Dhabi has launched a 24-hour bus service to Dubai for COP28 attendees.

In a pioneering move, Abu Dhabi has introduced a 24/7 bus service to Dubai for delegates attending COP28. The service, operated by an all-electric fleet of nine buses, is a notable step towards sustainable intercity transportation.

Ongoing COP28 Support:

The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) of the Department of Municipalities and Transport, Abu Dhabi, initiated this service under its Green Bus program to cater to the transportation needs of COP28 delegates. 

The buses operate 44 trips daily, shuttling passengers from Abu Dhabi International Airport’s Terminal A to the COP28 venue at Expo City Dubai.

Environmental Impact:

Ateeq Al Mazrouei, Director of the Planning Department at ITC, highlighted the significance of the service as the first intercity bus transportation operating 24 hours a day. The all-electric buses cover a distance of 520 km daily, reducing 3.7 tonnes of carbon emissions per day.

Post-COP28 Integration:

After the conclusion of COP28 on December 12, these buses will be seamlessly integrated into Abu Dhabi’s public transport fleet. 

The transition is part of the city’s Green Bus services expansion, with the electric fleet expected to cover about 3,150 km daily, resulting in an annual reduction of over 900 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

Sustainable Charging Process:

The electric buses’ quick charging capability, which takes only two hours to charge, enhances the initiative’s efficiency. 

This eco-friendly approach aligns with Abu Dhabi’s commitment to decreasing carbon emissions to zero by 2050.

Ateeq Al Mazrouei emphasized that the initiative marks a pivotal step in lowering the environmental impact of public transport. 

It reflects Abu Dhabi’s dedication to promoting eco-friendly transportation solutions that align with the emirate’s broader strategy for a zero-carbon future.

Commitment to Environmental Protection:

This initiative stands as a testament to Abu Dhabi’s commitment to environmental protection and creating a comprehensive transportation system that meets the needs of residents and visitors while aligning with global sustainability goals.

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