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Abu Dhabi Introduces Instant Digital Marriage Contracts

Couples in Abu Dhabi can now obtain marriage contracts instantaneously using cutting-edge digital technology.

Couples in Abu Dhabi can now obtain their marriage contracts instantly through innovative digital means. 

The groundbreaking service pioneered by the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) ensures immediate access to marriage certificates authenticated digitally by the officiant post-ceremony.

Modernizing Matrimony: ADJD’s Digital Marriage Initiatives:

Marking a significant milestone, this pioneering initiative allows couples to say ‘I do’ and receive their marriage contracts swiftly via text messages and digital platforms. 

ADJD has issued over 7,000 digital marriage contracts since its launch in October 2022, showcasing the department’s dedication to modernizing judicial and notarial practices.

Streamlined Process for Digital Matrimony:

The process for obtaining a digital marriage contract in Abu Dhabi is designed for convenience:

  1. Submit the marriage application online using UAE Pass on the ADJD website.
  2. Upon approval, finalize procedures online, choosing between an in-person ceremony or a virtual marriage session.
  3. Book an appointment and complete the marriage session.
  4. Instant delivery of the digital contract post-authentication.
  5. Share finalized contracts using digital signatures through official channels, eliminating the need for physical paperwork.
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