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Abu Dhabi Healthcare Provider Saves Lives Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict

The RPM in Abu Dhabi has been at the forefront, using its expertise and advanced medical resources to help injured Palestinians.

Amidst the Israel-Hamas conflict, Abu Dhabi’s Response Plus Medical (RPM) has been at the forefront, utilizing its expertise and advanced medical resources to rescue and treat numerous critically injured Palestinians.

Specialized Medical Evacuations:

RPM, under the UAE’s Gallant Knight 3 mission, deploys skilled paramedics and cutting-edge ambulances for air evacuations, handling critical conditions like extensive burns, bone trauma, and oncology cases from conflict zones.

In collaboration with Cairo’s Cleopatra Hospitals Group, RPM extends emergency and complex medical support to severely injured children transported from Gaza, showcasing a commitment to humanitarian aid.

Commitment to Excellence and Innovation:

With over 350 ambulances and a workforce exceeding 1,600, RPM demonstrates resilience and dedication, playing a pivotal role in transferring injured Palestinians for treatment in Abu Dhabi.

RPM’s advancements include deploying 5G-powered ambulances for faster response times, real-time data transmission, and superior medical capabilities. 

Their initiative earned accreditation for 148 ADNOC clinics, reinforcing their commitment to excellence.

Innovation in Prehospital Care:

Dr. Rohil Raghavan, RPM’s CEO, highlights the revolutionary impact of 5G-connected ambulances, streamlining communication between paramedics and healthcare workers at designated hospitals. 

This technology enables immediate treatment upon the patient’s arrival, revolutionizing prehospital care.

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