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Abu Dhabi Extends Waiver of Tourism Tax to Boost Events Sector

Abu Dhabi Extends Waiver of Tourism Tax to Boost Events Sector

Authorities in Abu Dhabi offer relief to event organisers by extending exemption from tourism fees until year-end, aiming to bolster tourism activities in the emirate.

Abu Dhabi, UAE – In a bid to stimulate tourism and bolster the events sector, Abu Dhabi authorities have announced an extension of the waiver on tourism fees for event organisers. Until December 31, organisers will be exempt from the 10% tourism tax typically levied on ticket sales, as per an announcement by the Abu Dhabi Media Office on Friday.

The move, initiated by the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT), aims to provide continued support to the events industry, a vital component of Abu Dhabi’s tourism and entertainment landscape. Saleh Al Geziry, Director General of Tourism at DCT, emphasized the significance of events in attracting global visitors to Abu Dhabi, stating that the waiver is part of efforts to foster growth and sustain support for event partners and organisers.

While the waiver offers relief on tourism fees, event organisers are still required to adhere to regulations governing event permits through the Abu Dhabi events licensing system. Compliance includes the disclosure of event revenues, submission of financial statements, and collaboration with appointed auditors to ensure transparency and accuracy in financial declarations.

Abu Dhabi’s move to extend the tourism fee waiver aligns with its broader strategy to diversify the non-oil economy and attract investments across various sectors, including tourism, aviation, and technology. With ambitions to elevate the tourism sector’s contribution to GDP to 12% by 2030, up from 5% in the previous year, Abu Dhabi continues to position itself as a premier destination for travel and culture enthusiasts.

Recent initiatives underscore Abu Dhabi’s commitment to nurturing the tourism and events industry. In addition to the tourism tax waiver, the emirate has introduced incentives such as reduced tourism and municipality fees, along with updates to holiday homes policies. Notably, farmhouse owners now have the opportunity to obtain licenses for converting properties into holiday homes, enhancing accommodation options for visitors.

As Abu Dhabi strides forward in its pursuit of economic diversification and tourism development, these measures signal a proactive approach to driving growth and innovation in the emirate’s vibrant events landscape.

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