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Abu Dhabi Enhanced Public Bus Services: ITC Latest Innovations

The ITC in Abu Dhabi has made major improvements to its public bus services, with the goal of boosting citywide connectivity.

The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) in Abu Dhabi has rolled out significant enhancements to its public bus services, focusing on improving citywide connectivity. 

Notable changes have been introduced to streamline routes and enhance accessibility.

Optimized Travel Experience:

  1. Limited-Stop Routes for Swift Travel: Routes connecting downtown Abu Dhabi with densely populated areas now feature limited stops, ensuring faster and more efficient commuter travel.
  2. Access to Landmark Destinations: A new bus route leading to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque has been introduced, catering to tourists and visitors seeking convenient access to this iconic landmark.
  3. Extended Service Hours: ITC has launched new direct bus services from midnight to 4 am, catering to late-night travelers and enhancing transport accessibility during these hours.
  4. Enhanced Connectivity in Specific Zones: Routes in Al Bahia, Al Shahama, Al Rahba, and Al Samha have undergone streamlining, facilitating improved transport connectivity within these areas.
  5. Elevated Services in Baniyas: The transport network in Baniyas now boasts enhanced bus services, offering residents and commuters improved accessibility and convenience.
  6. Increased Frequency for Key Routes: To cater to the growing demand, the frequency of services between downtown Abu Dhabi and Khalifa City has been increased, ensuring smoother and more frequent transport options for commuters.

These strategic changes and additions to the public bus services by ITC aim to offer commuters an optimized travel experience with improved connectivity, increased service hours, and a focus on key areas of the city to meet the evolving needs of residents and visitors alike.

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