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Abu Dhabi Declares Free Parking and Toll Waiver for New Year’s Holiday

The emirate of Abu Dhabi is offering free parking and tolls for the New Year's holiday.

Ahead of the New Year’s holiday, Abu Dhabi’s Integrated Transport Centre has announced a special provision for residents: free parking and exemption from the Darb toll gate on Monday, January 1, 2024. However, toll fees at the gates will resume on Tuesday, January 2.

Parking Details:

Surface parking under Mawaqif regulations will remain free until 7:59 am on Tuesday, January 2. Additionally, parking in the Mussafah M-18 truck parking lot will be free during the holiday.

Parking Guidelines for Residents:

To maintain order and convenience, residents have been urged to avoid parking in prohibited areas and refrain from obstructing the movement of vehicles. Moreover, a cautionary advisory has been issued against parking in residential zones from 9 pm to 8 am.

Bus Services Information:

During the New Year’s holiday, bus services will follow the regular schedule for weekends and public holidays, ensuring continuity and convenience for commuters.

The measures put in place by the Integrated Transport Centre aim to facilitate smooth movement and accessibility for residents during the New Year’s holiday while promoting responsible parking practices and adherence to regulations for a hassle-free experience.

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