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Abu Dhabi Authorities Control Building Fire

On Tuesday morning, the Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority and Abu Dhabi Police effectively extinguished a fire in a structure.

The Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority and Abu Dhabi Police successfully controlled a fire in a building on Tuesday morning. The authorities evacuated the building, and fortunately, no injuries were reported.

Ongoing Procedures and Investigations:

Cooling down and smoke ventilation procedures are underway, and authorities have initiated investigations to determine the causes of the fire.

Relevant authorities responded promptly to the incident and arrived at the location after the fire started at 05:04.

Public Advisory on Seeking Official Information:

The Abu Dhabi Police and Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority issued an advisory urging the public to obtain information from official sources exclusively. They emphasized the importance of relying on official reports for accurate information.

Warning Against “Rubbernecking” and Unauthorized Sharing:

The Abu Dhabi Police had previously warned against “rubbernecking,” a traffic offense in the UAE. Such behavior obstructs traffic flow, hinders the arrival of emergency vehicles, and can have legal consequences. 

Residents were also cautioned against taking photos and videos of accident sites and sharing them on social media, which is considered inappropriate and can lead to legal consequences for those involved.

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