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Aakash Nambiar Runs 104km Across Dubai for Climate Action

Aakash Nambiar ran 104 kilometres across Dubai in 17 hours and 20 minutes.

Aakash Nambiar, a 34-year-old Indian ultra-marathoner and environmental campaigner, completed a remarkable 104km run across Dubai in 17 hours and 20 minutes. 

The run, initiated following COP28, aimed to sustain the momentum generated by the climate conference. Nambiar covered diverse landscapes, engaging with communities to discuss climate change and individual contributions to conservation.

Unique Marathon Route Embraces Key Dubai Landmarks:

Starting from the scenic Love Lake in Al Qudra, Nambiar’s route included iconic landmarks such as Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, and Etihad Museum, culminating in front of the Burj Khalifa at midnight. 

The route showcased Dubai’s world-class facilities for pedestrians and runners, with dedicated lanes and tracks in parks and beaches.

Barefoot Mallu’s Unique Approach to Spreading Awareness:

Known as the ‘Barefoot Mallu’ for his distinctive barefoot running style, Nambiar leverages his passion for running to spread awareness about environmental conservation. 

The marathon aimed to convey the message of reducing emissions and fostering a commitment to preserving the planet. 

Aakash appreciated the friendly people he encountered during his run and engaged in conversations on sustainable practices.

Conversations on Climate Action and Individual Contributions:

During the run, Nambiar conversed with individuals on environmental preservation and the UAE’s net-zero efforts. 

Topics included reducing, recycling, and reusing, with practical suggestions such as carrying a steel water bottle to reduce plastic consumption and minimizing food waste. 

Aakash emphasized the importance of individual actions in contributing to a carbon-free world.

Challenges Faced and Call for Pedestrian Walkways:

While navigating Dubai’s diverse terrain, Nambiar faced unexpected challenges on main roads and expressways that lacked pedestrian walkways. 

He expressed a desire for enhanced pedestrian infrastructure, highlighting that walking promotes a healthier lifestyle and contributes to reducing carbon emissions.

Aakash Nambiar’s Past Endeavors for Health and Wellbeing:

This is not Nambiar’s first marathon in the UAE, as he ran from Abu Dhabi to Dubai in 2020 during the pandemic to promote health and wellbeing. 

His extensive marathon campaigns span various locations globally, including Sri Lanka, Spain, Portugal, and diverse regions in India, reinforcing his commitment to promoting fitness and environmental awareness.

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