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A Touch of Humanity: Dubai Police Unite Bride with Incarcerated Father for Wedding

DALL·E 2024 01 15 15.25.51 An illustration showing a simple yet emotional wedding ceremony inside a correctional facility. The scene should depict the bride in her wedding dress

Bridging Bonds: A Special Wedding Inside Dubai’s Correctional Facility

In an extraordinary act of compassion, the Dubai Police fulfilled the wish of a young Arab woman who desired her father’s presence at her wedding. The bride, understanding the importance of family bonds, sought assistance from the General Department of Punitive and Correctional Establishments in Dubai, emphasizing the significance of having her father, a prisoner, with her on this special occasion.

Brigadier Marwan Jalfar, director of the department, recognized the emotional and financial implications of the father’s absence during the wedding preparations. The department’s response reflected a deep understanding of the situation, balancing the need for justice with the recognition of human sentiments and family values.

The wedding, held within the walls of the correctional facility, was attended and officiated by Sheikh Ahmed Al Shihi, an Islamic marriage official. This act highlights the department’s commitment to supporting inmates and their families, going beyond the call of duty to facilitate meaningful family interactions.

The Dubai Police’s gesture also included furnishing the couple’s home, a touching addition to their support. This initiative is among several efforts by the Dubai Police to assist families of inmates, as evidenced by previous events where they have facilitated family reunions and fulfilled personal wishes.

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