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A Tale of Passion: The ‘Organic Farm’ Defies Odds at COP28

Saeed Alremeithi, a UNICEF youth advocate at COP28, tells the story of his 'Organic Farm' in Al Ain.

Nestled within the Green Zone of COP28, a charming pavilion houses a remarkable display—a distinct variety of purple chili. 

Beyond its vibrant hue and fiery taste, this chili embodies a passionate farmer’s dedication and extraordinary journey.

The Story Behind the Bloom:

Saeed Alremeithi, a UNICEF youth Advocate at COP28, shares his story of nurturing his ‘Organic Farm’ in Al Ain. 

With roots in a childhood greenhouse hobby, his farm has blossomed over three years, evolving from cultivating basic vegetables to a diverse range of organic products.

Learning and Growth in Agriculture:

His father guided Saeed deeper into plant varieties and farm management. His pursuit extended beyond traditional norms, leading him to cultivate 30 products, from pickles and salsa to cheese and eggs—all grown naturally on the farm, except for olive oil sourced from Tunisia.

Amidst his Mass Communication and Political Science studies at UAE University, Saeed focuses on product labeling and governmental approvals, aiming to upscale his homegrown business. He aims to produce locally grown, healthy, organic food to suit diverse palates.

Cultivating Diversity in the Desert:

At COP28, Saeed showcases his farm’s diversity—from the unique purple pepper to papaya, rocket leaves, and specialty blue tea. 

His ambition extends beyond conventional beliefs, demonstrating the feasibility of growing diverse vegetables in the UAE’s challenging weather conditions.

Advocating for Agricultural Possibilities:

Saeed challenges misconceptions about UAE’s agricultural limitations when operating both at Abu Dhabi’s farmer’s market and through an online store. 

His endeavor aims to debunk the notion that only tomatoes thrive in harsh climates, showcasing the region’s potential for diverse vegetable cultivation.

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