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A Comprehensive Moving Checklist for Expats in Dubai

Examine your lease agreement carefully, noting details such as rent, payment schedules, and any penalties for early termination.

Before initiating your move, discuss your intention to vacate with the landlord. 

Review your lease agreement thoroughly, understanding terms like rent, payment schedules, and potential penalties for early termination. Look for clauses about advance notice or notice periods before vacating the property.

Ejari Registration:

Ensure your tenancy contract is registered with Ejari, an online registration system in Dubai. 

It is a mandatory legal requirement and provides a platform for both tenants and landlords to register rental contracts. 

Register your tenancy contract with Ejari once it’s signed, adhering to this crucial step in the relocation process.

Book Movers and Packers:

Contact licensed moving companies a couple of weeks before your planned move. Share details of both locations and your move date. 

Seek price quotes, compare services, and finalize the company that aligns best with your needs. Confirm move details with the chosen company a few days in advance.

Dewa Connection:

If you’re new to the city, set up a new account with the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA). Transfer your DEWA services to the new address for existing residents moving within Dubai. 

The Dewa Move To Service simplifies this process, allowing online handling through the Smart Application after Ejari registration.

Internet and TV Services Setup:

Notify your current telephone service provider about your move at least a week before. 

Contact service providers at your new residence for new connections and schedule installations to prevent downtime. 

Understand your freedom to choose between Du and Etisalat for telecommunications services.

Obtain a Moving Permit:

Some communities or buildings may require submitting essential documents for a moving permit. 

Submit documents such as the tenancy contract, Ejari, passport copy, and visa copy in advance. 

This ensures verification of payment for apartment charges, facilitating a smooth move.

NOC from Landlord:

Obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your current landlord, granting permission to move out. 

Provide this document to building or community management and security to assure them of your landlord’s approval for the move.

Security Deposit Guidelines:

Understand the rules regarding the security deposit. Most landlords require a security deposit, and clarity on terms for its refund is crucial. 

Familiarize yourself with the refund process to ensure a smooth transition.

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