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A Call for Political Resolution: Dr. Anwar Gargash Addresses Solution

According to Dr. Anwar Gargash, the only possible path to long-term peace and security between Palestine and Israel is through a political process.

During the 10th edition of the Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate, Dr. Anwar Gargash, Diplomatic Adviser to the President of the UAE, asserted that the only viable route to enduring peace and security in Palestine and Israel lies in a political process leading to the two-state solution. 

He emphasized the significant setback caused by the October 7 attack by Hamas and the ensuing Israeli offensive on Gaza, describing it as a major disruption to the positive momentum that had been observed in the region.

Challenges Amidst Promising Prospects:

Dr. Gargash highlighted the challenges faced by the region in a year that initially seemed promising for stability and prosperity. 

The conflict in the Gaza Strip, sparked by the Hamas attack, threw the region into a period of violence and chaos. 

Despite being the sole Arab representative in the UN Security Council, the UAE has been actively involved in efforts to alleviate the suffering caused by these developments.

‘Tarahum – for Gaza’ Campaign:

Under the theme of the ‘Tarahum – for Gaza’ campaign, the UAE has been providing relief aid to the Palestinian people affected by the conflict in Gaza. 

Dr. Gargash underscored the horrific nature of the ongoing conflict, describing it as a profound setback for the region. 

He expressed deep concern over the unprecedented scale of attacks on Israeli civilians initiated by the October 7 crisis and emphasized that nothing justifies attacks targeting civilians.

Urgent Priorities and a Call for Ceasefire:

Dr. Gargash noted that the immediate priority is to achieve a humanitarian ceasefire and provide substantial relief to address the dire conditions in Gaza. 

He stressed the need to prevent the escalation of the conflict regionally, expressing concern over the disproportionate response of the Israeli government and military. 

Ending the current violence and hostility is deemed crucial to preventing further radicalization and intervention, with a focus on ensuring that the war does not spread beyond its current boundaries.

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