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A battle between the legends: Man Utd vs World All-stars in Dubai 

Legendary Man Utd and world all-star players will play a charity game in Dubai next month.

Legendary Man Utd and world all-star players will play a charity game in Dubai next month.


Dubai is set to become the epicenter of a new global soccer competition as the Legend’s Football League gears up for its launch. 

This exciting league will kick off with a grand opening ceremony and an enticing match featuring the Steel Doctor Red Devils, representing Manchester United, taking on a World XI team.

Grand Launch in Dubai

The Legend’s Football League is all set to make its debut with a spectacular opening ceremony that will set the stage for an electrifying match. Football enthusiasts worldwide can anticipate a star-studded event on November 18 at Al Nasr’s Al Maktoum Stadium in Dubai.

Man Utd vs. World XI

In the inaugural game, Manchester United, represented by the Steel Doctor Red Devils, will face off against a formidable World XI team. The clash promises to be a showcase of skill, talent, and international footballing excellence.

A Global Football Spectacle

The Legend’s Football League is poised to become a prominent fixture on the international soccer calendar, drawing attention from fans across the globe. It presents a unique opportunity for legendary players to come together and celebrate the beautiful game.

Celebrating Football Excellence

The launch of this league underscores the enduring global appeal of football. By bringing together iconic teams and legendary players, the Legend’s Football League will celebrate the rich history and bright future of the sport.

With the Steel Doctor Red Devils of Manchester United facing off against a World XI, football fans can expect a thrilling spectacle that epitomizes the passion and talent that makes soccer the world’s most beloved sport.

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