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5-Year Multiple-Entry Visa: A Boon for UAE Residents and Tourists

5-Year Multiple-Entry Visa: A Boon for UAE Residents and Tourists

The introduction of the 5-year multiple-entry visa in the UAE has revolutionized travel for both residents and tourists, offering substantial savings in both time and money. This long-term visa, which eliminates the need for repetitive application processes, has become a preferred choice for frequent visitors, enabling them to plan their trips with ease.

One such beneficiary of this visa is Salim Kola, a bio-medical engineer and long-time Dubai resident who relocated to Bangalore, India. For Kola, who frequently travels to Dubai to meet family and for business, the 5-year multiple-entry visa has proven to be a cost-effective solution. By opting for this visa, Kola has saved up to Dh4,050 over five years compared to the expenses incurred with single-entry visas.

Similarly, Aftab Hussain, a Sharjah-based businessman, has utilized the long-term visa to facilitate his parents’ visits to the UAE. By obtaining this visa for his parents, Hussain has streamlined the travel process, allowing them to visit whenever they desire without the hassle of waiting for visa issuance.

Tourists are also embracing the flexibility offered by the 5-year multiple-entry visa to explore Dubai multiple times a year. Shreya Chakravarty, a resident of New Delhi, frequently visits her sister in Dubai and finds the long-term visa option more cost-effective and convenient compared to single-entry visas.

With straightforward documentation requirements and substantial savings on visa fees, the 5-year multiple-entry visa has become a preferred choice for individuals seeking seamless travel between the UAE and their home countries. This initiative reflects the UAE’s commitment to enhancing accessibility and promoting tourism while simplifying administrative processes for travelers.

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