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40% UAE Residents Experience Sleep Deprivation Due to Stress

40% UAE Residents Experience Sleep Deprivation Due to Stress

A recent survey conducted by Premier Inn Middle East and Silentnight Arabia revealed that more than 40% of UAE residents are sleeping less than six hours per night, with stress being cited as the primary cause. The study, conducted last month in conjunction with World Sleep Day, aimed to understand the sleep quality and habits of UAE residents across different age groups.

Stress emerged as the leading disruptor of sleep patterns, affecting nearly half of the respondents. Elevated cortisol levels triggered by stress interfere with the production of sleep hormones, leading to inadequate rest. Financial concerns, including the cost of living, emerged as the primary stressor for UAE residents, as highlighted in a separate survey by Cigna Healthcare.

Aside from stress, various factors contribute to sleep disturbances, including temperature, discomfort or pain, electronic devices, noise pollution, and work-related concerns. Maintaining a cooler core body temperature is crucial for quality sleep, particularly in hot climates like the UAE. However, electronic devices before bedtime and excessive exposure to blue light can disrupt sleep patterns.

According to sleep experts, adults should aim for seven to nine hours of quality sleep per night to allow the body to undergo essential restorative processes. Establishing a consistent sleep schedule, avoiding caffeine and sugar close to bedtime, and monitoring food and fluid intake during non-fasting hours are recommended strategies for improving sleep quality.

As Ramadan approaches, fasting individuals face additional challenges in maintaining adequate sleep due to changes in meal times, spiritual practices, and daily routines. Short naps during the day, managing daytime activities to conserve energy, and listening to the body’s signals are essential during this period.

Incorporating these tips into daily routines can help optimise sleep quality during Ramadan fasting, ensuring overall health and well-being for individuals in the UAE.

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