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“3-Week Holiday Rush: UAE Schools Buzz with Activities Ahead of Spring and Eid Break”

"3-Week Holiday Rush: UAE Schools Buzz with Activities Ahead of Spring and Eid Break"

As the spring holiday looms for UAE schools, families and educators are bracing for a well-deserved two-week hiatus. However, principals emphasize that the final week leading up to the break is abuzz with educational engagements, ensuring students make the most of their time.

The three-week vacation, commencing on March 25 for most international curriculum schools, will culminate with students returning on April 15 post the Eid break.

Despite the excitement surrounding the impending break, concerns about potential learning regressions arise, particularly with the extended hiatus due to the forthcoming Eid Al Fitr holidays, projected to commence on April 10. Educators are deploying strategies to keep students engaged and learning throughout this extended period.

Lisa Johnson, Principal of the American Academy for Girls, underscores proactive measures, including encouraging families to dedicate study time and utilize online platforms for continued learning. These efforts aim to mitigate any academic decline and ensure a smooth transition back to school.

Meanwhile, schools are hosting family consultation days, providing opportunities for parental engagement and participation in curriculum workshops. Additionally, staff undergo professional development training, further advancing school improvement plans.

Archana Sagar, Principal of Amity Private School Sharjah, highlights a packed calendar leading up to the spring break, featuring diverse activities and events tailored to involve the entire school community.

Student engagement flourishes with events like the Young Leadership Conference, offering activities ranging from Quran recitations to life skills training. Furthermore, special assemblies delve into the significance of Ramadan, enriching students’ understanding of Islamic practices.

Arogya Reddy, Principal of Ambassador School Sharjah, underscores the holistic approach with tailored sessions focusing on critical thinking, moral values, and digital literacy. Open days for parents and staff training sessions on emerging trends and digital technologies further enrich the pre-break activities.

As UAE schools gear up for the forthcoming spring and Eid break, the emphasis remains on ensuring a blend of relaxation and continued learning, fostering holistic development among students and fostering community engagement within the school ecosystem.

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