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24/7 Biometric Submission, Passport Renewal Processing Coming Soon in the UA

UAE nationals and residents will soon have the convenience of 24/7 biometric submission, passport renewal, and Emirates ID processing.

UAE nationals and residents will soon enjoy the convenience of 24/7 biometric submission, passport renewal, and Emirates ID processing, thanks to a groundbreaking initiative by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security (ICP).

Instant Services through Innovative Kiosks:

The ICP is spearheading a model project to introduce self-service kiosks allowing UAE nationals and expatriates to renew their passports and Emirates IDs instantly. 

If successful, these kiosks will be strategically placed at key locations nationwide, including airports and malls.

Visitors at the Gitex Global event, hosted at the Dubai World Trade Centre, were given a sneak peek of the kiosk’s capabilities. 

Gitex, the world’s largest technology gathering, featured over 6,000 public and private sector companies and start-ups showcasing their latest innovations.

Phase One – Streamlined Biometric Submissions:

During the initial phase, UAE residents and visitors can submit their biometrics through these kiosks, eliminating the need for appointments at ICP service centers. 

This means that biometric services will be accessible 24/7 shortly.

Notably, the kiosks will be equipped with printers, enabling UAE nationals and residents to obtain their Emirates IDs and visas on the spot. 

Additionally, the kiosks can print passports for UAE nationals and visas for visitors.

Convenience for Foreign Visitors:

Foreign visitors to the UAE will also benefit from these kiosks. They can submit their biometrics to acquire SIM cards, with the machine capable of capturing fingerprints, signatures, and photographs.

The Federal Authority is actively working on this groundbreaking project, with the possibility of a rollout upon successful trial completion in 2023 or 2024.

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