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22-Tonne Glacier Ice Arrives in Dubai After 20,000km Journey: Next Stop, Your Glass

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The Arrival of the World’s Purest Ice in Dubai

Dubai recently welcomed a significant and unique arrival – the world’s ‘purest ice’, sourced from over 100,000-year-old glaciers in Greenland. This extraordinary 22-tonne shipment, crystal-clear and uncontaminated, journeyed an impressive 20,000 kilometers to reach the UAE. The ice was meticulously preserved in extreme sub-zero conditions at the Natural Ice factory in Al Quoz, Dubai​​.

Harvesting Process and Transportation

The ice, known for being the purest on Earth, was shipped from Greenland via Denmark, taking a total of 65 days to reach its destination. Arctic Ice, the company behind this endeavor, stated that the ice is collected from glaciers that naturally break off due to weather changes. This method ensures that the ice harvest does not harm the glaciers, as the broken ice would have melted into the ocean anyway. The entire process, from selection to transportation, is conducted in an environmentally conscious manner, with each slab being manually selected, processed, and then transported in refrigerated containers​​​​.

Usage and Clientele

Arctic Ice expressed that there has been strong interest from restaurants and hotels for the product. This unique ice is ideal for various beverages, food products, and even for beauty treatments and ice baths, owing to its unmatched purity. The company is selective about its clientele, emphasizing the exclusivity of their product. Unlike regular ice, this glacier ice melts slower and is tasteless, ensuring no alteration to the flavor of drinks​​.

Environmental Considerations

Addressing environmental concerns, Samir Ben Tabib, Arctic Ice’s chairman of international relations, assured that their operations are non-intrusive and sustainable. They focus only on ice that naturally detaches from glaciers. The company also plans to move towards carbon-neutral operations, incorporating eco-friendly shipping methods​​.

Future Plans

Arctic Ice is already planning its next shipment, aiming for a more efficient route through Germany to reduce transit time. The company is building close relationships with companies in the Middle East and looking for partners in the region, eyeing markets in Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and India​​.


This remarkable event highlights Dubai’s role in global luxury markets, showcasing an innovative approach to providing exclusive and high-quality products. The arrival of the ‘purest ice on Earth’ in Dubai marks a new chapter in the luxury beverage and hospitality industry, combining environmental sustainability with luxury experiences.

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